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Museoplan designed this modular system to provide museums with a flexible, reusable and sustainable approach to exhibition display that significantly lowers operating expense while reducing waste. The system also provides curators and designers with an important planning tool and a consistent aesthetic signature across many exhibitions. S1 includes display tables, pedestals and integrates bonnets made of acrylic or glass. The base components of the system can be assembled to create three display heights and three lengths; a removable art platform can be treated in a variety of finishes to suit the objects displayed. The system is appropriate for both temporary exhibitions and permanent installations. The elements of the system can be assembled by museum personnel and stored flat when taken apart. The flexibility of the system also allows for modification of layouts and last-minute adjustments during installation.

S1 is proposed in Valchromat, a cellulose-based, high-density composite sheet with integral color, highly resistant to wear and entirely free of off-gassing. The material is environmentally sustainable both in its fabrication and in its end-use recycling. The system may also be customized and a wide variety of conventional and innovative sheet materials may be used (wood, painted mdf, powder-coated sheet-metal, dimensional plastics, Corian, etc.).

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